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 Professional Counseling:


 A  faith-based therapeutic counseling center providing services to individuals, families, marriages, youth and with support groups within the Greater Houston Area and surrounding counties since


Family Counsel and Support
Many families face multiple challenges in today's high demanding society. There are many facets of recognizing the families today; single parents, blended, grandparents and traditional husband with wife and children. No matter the picture of your family remember the community resources are available to help you tackle those tough issues for each day.
What about abuses, addictions, divorce, grief unresolved, chemical dependency and many more unmet  behavior and emotional challenges.  Give us a call...​ 832-889-8929
                      Individual Counseling
​Individually you can sometimes feel alone, frightened and isolated. Tough issues as well as past struggles can be scary but step out and gain back that control. Let's talk about it and now.

HLCC3 is just a click ,text or phone call away. 

Couples/ Marriage Counseling


Marriage can be stressful at times and giving up can be a quick short- term solution but with sometimes long- term challenges ahead. Broken marriages often produces broken people and it's effects on children can be very devastating and they suffer the most. Seek counsel and weigh your options before any long-term or permanent decisions are made.

Remember, marriage is about a commitment and a covenant. ' Do not let ever changing emotions rule.... Get real tools of intervention from principles tested and proven.


Ask about Our Support Groups and 
​Community Services


​HL3CC is committed to the local communities and desire to Educate, Edify and Empower in the areas of the body, soul and spirit. We believe mental health education is important. FOSTER CHILD CARE/SHELTERS COUNSELING AVAILABLE ALSO.

We service our local communities, churches and schools in the areas of health and wellness fairs and also seminars/workshops. Call and invite us.


Refresh Monthly Women Support Groups

2021' Spring/Winter


*All Lives Matter*


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Updated 5/1/2020