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Affordable Professional Counselor  Plan

A Total Faith-Based
Behavior Health and Wellness Clinic...
Counseling to the Body, Soul and Spirit in FAITH!
Kids and Teen Mental Health

Effie Davis Weir BSN-MCC-PhD has over 21 years practicing Faith-Based Behavior/Emotional/Spiritual Health Counseling. Dr. Weir is a Certified Christian Counselor (2001), Board-Certified Pastoral Counselor (2019) and PTSD Certified Nurse (1999). She started in the Corporate Hospital settings working as an BS-RN while gaining much experience in physical, behavior/mental healthcare. Dr. Weir pursued advanced degrees in Master/ PhD Counseling and Psychology (Biblical-Based 2007).Dr Weir just came on-board as a  Professior of Nursing at BTCI,a local college'Summer 2022 in Houston,TX.


She is an expert in communication skills with a desire to promote tools for improving self-behavior and building healthier relationships. HL3CC promotes new life changing skills based on biblical principles for everyday living.


HL3CC desire to educate, edify and empower individuals, families, marriages and youth in behavior/mental health counseling. The core building blocks of identity starts with self-awareness, self-esteem and self-confidence is addressed early in this therapeutic process. A resolution of any past abuses hurts, or unresolved griefs/ traumas is very necessary for the restoration process to begin in personal behavior, emotional and spiritual health. (Soul Man)


The spirit-man (real you) is critical to emotional recovery with spiritual strengthening tools such as prayer, praise and worship within that soul healing. (Faith-Based Counseling Centers, Churches, Worship or Temples)

HL3CC plan of action includes emotional/mental health assessment, goal setting, interventions/actions, evaluation and follow-up/support group. Spiritual support is provided throughout this healing process and clients are encouraged in their faith walk to be committed to their local place of worship.

It is truly a journey, but just believe you can do it.  ''Just Do It!


Dr. Effie Weir PhD

Coming this 'Spring

YouTube Channel/POD CAST
Dr. Weir PhD

Important questions concerning 'Behavior/ Mental Health
for Families and Youth.'


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