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Effie Davis Weir BSN-MCC-PhD has over 21 years practicing Faith-Based Behavior/Emotional/Spiritual Health Counseling. Dr. Weir is a Certified Christian Counselor, Board-Certified Pastoral Counselor and PTSD Certified Nurse. She started in the Corporate Hospital settings working as an BS-RN while gaining much experience behavior/mental healthcare. Dr. Weir pursued advanced degrees in Master/ PhD Counseling and Psychology (Biblical-Based).She is an expert in communication with a desire to promote tools for improving relationships while adding new life skills based on biblical principles.


HL3CC desire to educate, edify and empower individuals, families, marriages and youth. A follow-up with support groups and post counseling highly recommended. Behavior healthcare assessed while promoting positive emotional outcomes. The core building blocks of identity starts with self-awareness, self-esteem and self-confidence is addressed early in this therapeutic process. A resolution of any past abuses, hurts or unresolved griefs/ traumas is very necessary for the restoration process to begin in personal behavior, emotional and spiritual health.(Soul Man)


The spirit-man (real you) is critical to emotional recovery with spiritual strengthening tools such as prayer, praise and worship within that soul healing. (Faith-Based Counseling Centers, Churches, Worship or Temples)

HL3CC plan of action includes emotional health assessment, goal setting, interventions/actions, evaluation and follow-up/support group. Spiritual support is provided throughout this healing process and encouraged in your faith walk with your local place of worship.

It is truly a journey, but you can do it. Just Do It!


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